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Would your child benefit from bespoke, nurturing sessions with a highly experienced teacher?

Does your child require further development, over and above what can be offered at school? 

Does your child have a unique learning style that is not currently being fully developed or supported? 

I weave direct, clear instruction with the essential 'soft skills' such as decision making and critical thinking required to succeed in tomorrow's world and progress in all areas of learning.

As an experienced teacher of all ages and stages, I can offer exceptional guidance and tutoring, allowing your child to reach their full potential and feel confident and happy with their learning journey. 

Contact me today for further information about how I can boost your child's confidence and accelerate learning by making the pathway to success clear, inspiring and fun


Kia Ora, my name is Amy Johnson. Since graduating in 2007 at the University of Glasgow (United Kingdom), I have worked extensively across all ages and stages of the primary and intermediate curriculum. I have expertise in the fields of maths, dyslexia support, science and English grammar. I offer targeted individual learning programmes to students to accelerate learning. I love meeting new students, and take time to really get to know your child, building on their strengths and providing clear next steps in their learning. I believe every student can achieve success through my targeted tutoring sessions, resulting in motivated, confident students with a genuine love of learning.

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I work with students of all ages, providing exceptional tutoring services that are catered specifically to their needs. Take a look below at the services I offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.

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Watch your child grow in confidence as I make tricky concepts seem easy and fun. Contact me today for a free consultation. I am currently working at full capacity and c...
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Is your child having difficulties in reading and writing? 

My phonics tuition programme explicitly teaches the sounds in the English Language and models how to blend and decode these sounds in reading and writing. 

Phonics is a research based intervention that supports all learners including students with learning differences such as dyslexia. 


Dyslexia awareness is an area close to my heart. As a teacher and parent, to my son who has dyslexia, I would like to share some of my experience and  learnings in this area. Previously I have held these events locally informing attendees: 

  • How to support your child's learning. 

  • How to navigate the support system in NZ.

  • How to preserve mana and build on dyslexic strengths

Amy is a fun, super-capable and inspiring teacher who has a talent for helping kids to believe in themselves.

Helen T (Mother to Daniel aged 11)

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