Phonics Tuition

Is your child experiencing difficulties reading

and writing?  

In New Zealand, students currently learn to read using a whole language approach. This involves using picture cues, prior knowledge and memorisation of high frequency words to gain fluency in reading. 

For many students this methodology simply isn't clear enough to equip students with the neseccary skills to read and write. If your child has dyslexia, this method 

will be completely ineffective. 

Having trained in the UK in the Science of Reading, I am able to offer an explicit and targeted phonics programme. Learning through phonics is key to developing a lasting understanding of how the English language works, resulting in accelerated progress allowing your child to develop a lasting love of literacy.

Phonics is the study of the sounds that make up wordsin addition to how we decode and blend these sounds to read and write. Explicit phonics teaching in addition to developing comprehension skills and vocabulary are essential components of becoming literate. 

My phonics tuition involves: 

  • A comprehensive assessment to identify the learning required. 

  • Explicit and systematic instruction of each sound with modelled blending and segmenting strategies required for reading and writing. 

  • Clear instruction in how to read and write multi-syllabic words. 

  • Follow up homework to reinforce learning at home and in class. 

  • Useful tools to use in class to support reading and writing. 

  • Pupil tracking to ensure progress is being made.