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Phonics Tuition

Is your child experiencing difficulties reading and writing?  


An explicit and targeted phonics programme may help to accelerate progress and develop a love of literacy.

Phonics is the study of the sounds that make up words and how to decode and blend these sounds to read and write. Explicit phonics teaching in addition to developing comprehension skills and vocabulary are essential components of becoming literate. 

My phonics programme involves: 

  • A free assessment to identify the learning required. 

  • Multi-sensory, small group instruction in phonics with students working at the same stage.

  • Useful tools to use in class to support reading and writing. 

  • Pupil tracking to ensure progress is being made. 

Ministry of Inspiration (Richmond) 

Mondays from 1.30pm

Hampden Street School

Tuesdays before school

Clifton Terrace School

Fridays before school

Lessons cost $35 per student.

Maximum group size will be three.


For ages 8-12 years

Unleash your inner creativity!

Explore a variety of writing genre and learn the key skills to express yourself through written word. Designed for students with dyslexia or difficulties in literacy, this course is supportive and empowering.


Students will learn the following: 

  • How to plan and organise ideas

  • How good writers form sentences to create a mood

  • How to apply spelling patterns and punctuation.

  • How to write in modern cursive.

  • How to proof read using techniques recommended for dyslexic learners. 


Tuesdays 12.45-3.30pm

Beginning 11th of February

Lessons will take place at my home classroom in Nelson. 

Maximum group size is 6.


Learn to Love Maths!

Maths Academy makes hard concepts seem easy and fun allowing your child to consolidate learning and really understanding how the world of maths is connected.

New concepts are explicitly taught and students are given lots of fun contexts to apply their learning. 

I have two course options available from Term 2 2020:

Maths Academy (Y5-Y8)aims to empower and support learners who may have difficulties within math. 

Maths Extension (Y7-Y8) is designed for students who require further challenge in maths. 

Areas covered: 

  • Place Value and Number operations

  • Algebra and equations

  • Fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio

  • Geometric concepts and formula

  • Problem solving skills an explicit strategy instruction. 

Maths Academy: Fully Booked

Maths Extension: Fully Booked

Maximum group size is 6.

Classes will be held in my home classroom in Nelson.


Ideal for students in Y7 and Y8

Learning to write in cursive form not only looks beautiful it has research proven benefits for students with difficulties in spelling and letter formation. 

This writing club pairs the mechanics of writing with the study of poetry in a relaxing and supportive environment. 

In this modern age when so much activity occurs on screens, this class empowers students to take pride in their writing and to have improved confidence and accuracy to continue to explore the written word on paper. 

Classes take place on Wednesday 3.15pm-4pm in my home classroom in Nelson. 

Term begins Wednesday 12th of February 

Lessons cost $35

Maximum group size will be 4.